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What if someone found a cure for cancer, but you had to poop out the cancer so you would just sit on the toilet shitting out tumors and they would feel like giving anal birth.

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To all the people saying to convict everyone charged with rape immediately based off the assumption they raped someone, watch a movie called the central park five on netflix. Do it.

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How to be a ninja

Step 1: Play a video game with a ninja in it.

Step 2: Get good at game and start thinking you are a real ninja.

Step 3: Try to do a ninja thing.

Step 4: Fail at ninja thing and remember that you aren’t a ninja.

Step 5: Cry

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*plays clarinet badly, wears a sombrero in a goofy fashion, eats cubed cheese, wears clown shoes, screeches like a chimpanzee, waves a flashlight back and forth, wears a hoop skirt, stomps on the ground*

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